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Our chef's suggestions :

  • Skewer of Peto

    Skewer of Peto and Gambas with a vanilla sauce

  • Grilled Saharian Squid

    Grilled Saharian Squid

  • "Vaca Azul" Salad

  • Parrot fish filet

    Parrot fish filet in home-made broth

  • Grilled fish filet

    Grilled fish filet

  • Grilled Limpets
    Grilled Limpets with "mojo verde"
  • Mussels

    Grilled mussels with "mojo verde"

  • Baked Parrot fish

    Baked Parrot fish

  • Mixed grilled vegetables

    Mixed grilled vegetables

  • "Peje" cake
  • Home-made Cheesecake
    Home-made Cheesecake
  • Tart of Vegetables

    Tart of Confit Vegetables